Jerry Coin is a crypto project that publishes the JRC meme cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain. So the management appeals to everyone. The startup wants to attract poor, rich, young and old community members. Apart from the above, the developers aim to launch the play-to-win game and Jerry's metaverse. At the same time, the team's goal is to build a hospital and support animal shelters on every continent. We will make donations to professional charities for our human and animal friends, and we will contribute to making the world a better place.


Token Info

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000,000 (1000 Trilion Tokens)

Contract Address


Token Name

Jerry Coin








%2 Marketing, %2 Liquidity, %2 Holders

Passive Income

Every transaction using Jerry Coin has a 2% deduction that is allocated to our pool of holders. It means that simply holding it will result in the quantity of tokens automatically increasing every day as the community transacts.

No Whales

Jerry Coin is programmed in such a way that it inhibits large wallet holders (whales) from attempting to influence the price in their favour or selling out.


Phase 1


  • Assemble the team
  • Smart contract testing
  • Whitepaper Creation
  • Roadmap Creation
  • Fair Launch & Liquidity Locked
  • Launch on PancakeSwap
  • Website Launch
  • Marketing Push to Spread Awareness
  • 1500 Telegram Members

Phase 2


  • 1000 Jerry Holder
  • New Website Launch
  • Whitepaper Review
  • Roadmap Review
  • KYC NFT assured
  • Influencers AMA & Marketing Push
  • 2500 Telegram Members

Phase 3


  • Creation of Donation Wallet
  • Applying for CoinMarketCap Listing
  • 5 Trillion Jerry Coin Burn
  • Applying for Coingecko Listing
  • 3 Trillion Jerry Coin Burn
  • Marketing Push
  • 2500 Jerry Holder
  • Roadmap Review
  • Website Redisgn
  • Project Review
  • Community Meeting 1

Phase 4


  • Jerry P2E Game Planning Set
  • Jerry NFT Collection Planning
  • 5 Trillion Jerry Coin Burn
  • A Large Influencer Marketing Push
  • Partnership Announcements
  • Marketing Analysis for Future Plans
  • 5000 Telegram Members
  • $5K Donations to Animal Shelters
  • Jerry Space (a real place for Jerry
    Holders to meet) planning set.


Token Info











Announcement to the jerrycoin community
Jerry has a team of professionals and community volunteers who are constantly working behind the scenes on updates, partnerships, social media and more. As you can see, this has worked very well and we will continue to increase our efforts. As the Jerrycoin team, we have released all authority and ownership of the jerrycoin contract. OWNERSHIP RELEASED

How To Buy

1. Install Trust Wallet

Install Trust Wallet on your phone or desktop and follow instructions carefully to create your Smart Chain wallet.

2. Deposit BNB to Trust Wallet

After successfully creating your wallet, purchase Smart Chain BNB by highlighting BNB and pressing the “buy” button. Purchase desired amount of BNB via debit card or bank account. BNB is the currency of the Binance Smart Chain and is necessary for purchases and transaction fees.

3. Swap

Then Swap Bnb with Jerry Coin (JRC)


This website does not constitute an offer to purchase or solicitation to sell, nor is it a recommendation to buy or sell, any token or other product. Purchasing and selling tokens is inherently risky and holders must bear their risk of loss. Neither the authors of this website nor any participants in the Jerry coin project accept any liability for losses or taxes that holders, purchasers or sellers of Jerry coin may incur. The value of Jerry coin may decrease and may be highly volatile. This website is not directed towards any person located in a jurisdiction where purchasing, selling or holding Jerry Coin is prohibited or regulated. Consult your local laws before transacting in any cryptocurrency.